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Customer Service Representative
JOB TITLE: Customer Service Representative
POSTING DATE:  April 22, 2004



CSR is responsible for professionally answering all incoming calls and recording messages.  Processes all incoming and outgoing office mail.  Maintains shipping records, email files and fax files.  Performs monthly supply inventory and reordering. 


1.    Answers the telephone

a)         Records incoming messages

b)         Relays outgoing messages

c)         Check daily field voice mail and update as required.

d)         Routes incoming calls to appropriate office

 2.   Accepts employment applications

3.    Maintains automated address book

a)         Updates addresses, telephone and fax information

b)         Adds new client information

4.    Responsible for incoming/outgoing mail

a)         Distributes incoming mail to appropriate personnel

b)         Prepares overnight shipping labels

c)         Applies proper postage to outgoing mail

d)         Maintains postage machine

e)         Maintains file of overnight delivery receipts

5.    Monitors office supply inventory

a)         Performs inventory once/month and annotates supply form

b)         Phones in approved orders, receives delivery, and restocks supply room

c)         Responsible for maintaining supply room in an orderly and efficient manner

 6.   Responsible for processing recurring mail-out surveys- When applicable.

a)         Inserts appropriate survey information and return envelopes

b)         Addresses outgoing mail-out surveys

c)         Applies postage

d)         Insures adequate supply of materials     

7.    Sends/receives emails and faxes

a)         Tracks and distributes incoming emails and faxes

b)         Prepares email and fax cover sheets         

c)         Maintains outgoing and incoming email and fax logs

8.    Arranges travel accommodations and in-house meetings- when applicable

 9.    Handles Community Advisory Council projects.  Includes coordinating monthly mail out of letters and monthly reminder phone calls to all Community Advisory Council members 

10.   First to arrive at the office in the morning

a)         Disarms security system

b)         Prepares building for business

11.   Assists data processing in coding survey data and word processing as requested by Office Manager

12.  Coordinates distribution of bi-weekly field payroll checks

a)         Coordinates with Field Manager to obtain a signature list for paychecks

b)         Updates voice mail to indicate time of paycheck distribution if applicable


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