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Red Auerbach, legendary coach of the Boston Celtics once said that, "Basketball is like war in that offensive weapons are developed first, and it always takes a while for the defense to catch up."  At MRI, we look at market research in much the same way; it should inform, inspire, and ignite your productivity so that you are leading not following.

Brand Image Studies

Now that you have invested thousands or even millions of dollars into your marketing campaign, what impact in terms of recall, awareness, and brand image do you have with the public?  We will direct you to the best way to win over consumer confidence for a particular brand.
Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Do you know your most profitable customers? Or your least profitable? Do you know their preferences? Or what motivates them? Assess key drivers and challenges for improving relationships with your customers, and build a sustainable program that delivers compelling customer experiences and increased shareholder value.
Demographics Mapping

Have a strong customer base in one particular area?  With demographic mapping we have the ability to analyze that area and determine specific traits that can be overlaid and utilized in other areas.
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Focus Group Studies

Gain first-person feel and reaction to your product, service or advertising campaign.  Learn the spontaneous emotional and behavioral reasons why consumers like some brands or ideas over others.
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Legal & Jury Studies

Some trials are too important either professionally or financially not to have case or jury specific intelligence.  Learn what type of juror will vote for or against you, reveal strengths and weaknesses in your case, direct you to best questions to strike a juror, and increase ability to win with proven research.
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Market Penetration

Know what percentages of all possible sales were represented by your actual sales.  Your sales might be up but don't be fooled into thinking market share is also.  We'll tell you what your competitors have been doing while your back was turned.
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Message Testing

Determine if your marketing or advertising conveys the right message. Your ad copy may work on the East coast but it could be disastrous on the West.  Let us test the market and help refine and polish your message for maximum results.  
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New Market Analysis

Unsure about opening a new market?  Should you compete in that arena?  Who are the major players and what are their strengths and weaknesses?  Gain valuable insight before you commit resources to a new market.
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New Products or Services

Wouldn't it be nice to know what your customers want to buy?  Why design and market products and services that won't sell?  Get customer feedback on the features and benefits they want before you build it.  We can provide the direction you need before you invest resources into that new product or service.
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P-BaseT Studies

The battle ground for free enterprise issues now includes Washington D.C. and the State capitols. Anti-business forces are shifting much of their lobbying and political efforts from Congress to State Legislatures. P-Base Technology allows you to forecast vote support for candidates who support key business issues. Bottom line: P-Base Studies optimize the return on your political investment.
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Strategic Positioning

Do your marketing strategies position you to succeed?  They should!  Understand and learn how to articulate the features and benefits of your products, services or ideas with total clarity and confidence.
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