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Abraham Lincoln said that, "Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed."  We have found that quote to be insightful and it illuminates the value in acquiring a deep understanding of what motivates voters.  Over the past 30 years, MRI has developed a reputation as being one of the most experienced and respected political research organizations in the Nation.

Benchmark Survey

This survey occurs early in a campaign.  It is designed to identify, name recognition for you and the opponents, strengths and weaknesses, the issues foremost on voter's minds, all by important demographics groups.
Brushfire Survey

These are short surveys designed to assess problems or issues that arise before, during or after a campaign.  For instance, your opponent accuses you of misappropriation of funds.  What impact will this have on your campaign and what should you do about it? You don't want to respond and make it a problem if the voters don't buy the opponents message.
Candidate Go/No-Go Analysis

Bottom line, this survey addresses the issue of whether you should run for office or not.  It determines candidate name recognition, whether favorable or unfavorable, perceived strengths and weaknesses, and specific issues, positive or negative, that may surface during the campaign.
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Tracking Polls

These are short surveys repeated at regular intervals and designed to monitor the progress of the candidates and the issues surrounding an election.
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Voter Opinion Poll

This survey determines what issues are foremost on voter's minds, plus it allows you to test issues you feel are important to your campaign.
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Demographic Mapping

Do you have a strong support base in one particular area?  With demographic mapping we have the ability to analyze that area and determine specific traits that can be overlaid and taken advantage of in other areas.
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Focus Group Studies

Gain first-person feel and reaction to both you and your ideas.  Learn the spontaneous emotional and behavioral reasons why voters would or would not elect you (over other candidates) or other political issues like tort reform.
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Strategic Positioning

Does your marketing position you to succeed?  It should!  Understand and learn how to articulate the vision, benefit and features of your ideas and campaign platform with clarity and confidence.
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Post-Election Survey

Find out why voters voted the way they did. Leverage your success or improve your performance during the next election.
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